The Importance Of Office Furniture For Workers’ Well Being

Innovative Office Furniture

The office furniture and its location inside the room can effectively favor the operatively of the employees, reducing also the stress and the anxieties caused by the work. The position of the desk, for example, is fundamental. This must give those who work there the feeling of full control over what happens. Preferably it should have a wall behind it to provide protection and the armchair oriented towards the entrance and the window.

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Working with the feeling of being observed, and therefore judged, could increase work stress. The Eastern doctrine also sees in the forms of latent meanings: to foster creativity, where collaboration and communication invest a central role, it is good that office furniture is roundish. A form that favors the development of new ideas and harmony between people. Still according to this doctrine, instead, linear office furniture adapts to analytical assignments that require attention to the form and reflective qualities.

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And the colors? The use of office furniture color is fundamental. Because it affects the way the office lives and every shade favors a certain capacity. The yellow (vital color, radiant and cheerful). Induces sociality and conversation, develops logical skills and facilitates the mind at the birth of new ideas. Green (the color of nature, harmony and balance), is a symbol of realism, stability, constancy and constructiveness.

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