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Post Modern Furniture – If modernism is seen as a style belonging to a period that begins in the early years of the twentieth century, everything that follows that style must logically be called post-modern. In practice, the term has been related to a stylistic development particularly characterized by a move away from the logic of functionalism and towards a more open acceptance that consciously deals with existing styles and traditions, instead of pursuing innovation consistently.

Recycling has become a responsibility with the environment that gains strength day after day, especially that of raw materials such as wood because it’s rational use is fundamental for the sustainability and assembly of post modern furniture and supplies. In Postmodernism it is not necessary to create anything new, it is not authoritarian, it is not necessary to break with tradition, and that things created in the past can be repeated. The furniture abandons the resources of the minimalist language of rationalism, to carry out an interesting turn towards ornamentals and the recovery of the artistic values of design.

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The appropriation and simulation of historicist motifs are one of their strategies. The designer stops being an anonymous author of what enriches the quality of life of the individual, to pass to the status of the artist, to the stardom of the elect. Recycling activities are currently a culture that individuals are involved in their daily lives, such as the reuse of solid waste, especially wood that is used to fuel the fire or even to create designer post modern furniture.

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