More Exciting Living Room Furniture Arrangement


You do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive works of art to give your living room furniture arrangement an injection of style. With a simple eclectic mix of photographs, prints and drawings framed and placed on a shelf, as in the image, you can achieve the same effect as a painting of hundreds of dollars. The art shelf here seems particularly dramatic because of the combination of different colors and sizes of frames.

Do not be afraid to make things a little different in living room furniture arrangement. Try a wall full of mirrors of different shapes or sizes. This room replete with antique mirrors certainly gives the living room a retro feel. Use common objects in unexpected ways to obtain other, lower-cost alternatives. As, for example, a column of books as a base for a plant, or an old trunk as a centerpiece.

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Go crazy with the color! It is very easy to make living room furniture arrangement a more exciting space by incorporating bold colors into your decorative scheme. The contrast of bright hues and geometric patterns of these cushions against the pale sofa and the solid color of the chairs, gives a daring touch of style to this living room that, otherwise, would be too neutral and boring. The higher the contrast, the better the impressive result will be.

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