Modern Vintage Furniture Decor Ideas

Great Modern Vintage Furniture

Modern vintage furniture is not considered antique. Although modern furniture may be the same as modern pieces, the two styles are different. Modern style blends simple outline, earth colors and subtle accents to form a look with a softer and more natural look than modern furniture.  A large rectangular dining table with black wood legs and bleached guy around frosted glass plate produces interesting contrast while still maintaining a simple design. Tilted black chairs with pale pine seats complement the table design without creating a messy look.

In addition to the basic table and chairs found in any dining furniture set, you can also find hutches, shelves and curiosity closets to complement your basic modern vintage furniture decor. A thin, black wood shelf with frosted glass doors provides an attractive area to store the tableware and complements frosted glass tabletop. A black wood hutch with pale lighthouse shelves and counter provides an attractive area for displaying frosted glass of porcelain.

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Hammered copper has a rich, but grounded, apple that adds heat and depth to modern vintage furniture set of furniture for your bedroom. A lined headboard covered in hammered copper gives a striking focal point for the room. White plates with dark brown and black-striped bed linen add a touch of contrast to complement the rich headline shade. Bedside lamps with dark wooden legs and square, hammered copper countertops create a hint of shine on either side of the headboard. A desk with dark wooden legs and hammered copper worktop paired well with a padded chair covered with black leather.

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