Luxury Living Room Furniture Ideas

Luxury Living Room Furniture Design

Luxury living room furniture – The size of the room, the amount of other furniture you want to include and how to use the room usually are all factors that will affect your arrangement. Think of two basic principles: to create spaces where people can sit close enough to make a call and avoid “dead” space in the middle of a larger room by pulling sofas away from the walls.


Remove all the furniture, carpeting, art and accessories from the living room, except for the two sofas. Find out if your room is large enough to create two different seating areas, or if you have room for only one. Place luxury living room furniture in similar styles, sizes and shapes in the middle of a small living room. Place them facing each other. Place a medium sized coffee table between them. Add an area mat that is either slightly smaller or slightly larger than the range of sofas creates. Place accent chairs, lights and side tables around this central area. Drag the room together by placing bookshelves against the walls, hanging artwork and installing a large mirror over from a window.

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Place a long, narrow vintage couch sufficiently spaced from a long wall into a large room to allow a clear path for walking behind it. Place luxury living room furniture in a contrasting style at a 90 degree angle to the long sofa. Put an odd side table between the sofas and the top of a retro lamp. Add one-of-a-kind chairs for couches for additional seating. Use a show stopping footrest with one of the chairs for a warm, eclectic arrangement.

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