Increasingly Flexible Modern Office Furniture


It must be recognized that most of modern office furniture where we work every day are more than boring, not to say “gray”, and we spent a few hours sitting there. In this case, we review the heads of conscience to present the ten coolest offices of the moment. Ten spaces and offices with an innovative design for offices, where work, at least in view of the worker … it’s a pleasure! We all know the definition of office but we have to start thinking that the paper and the typical photo of a physical space of work  is changing, is increasingly flexible and needs other features, technology and facilities to better fulfill its functionality.

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The designer Alexander Fehre presented a minimalist Loft Office with character that corresponded to a single floor of an old industrial building in the city of Schorndorf, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, combining a modern decoration of minimalist and modular modern office furniture with a fluted ceiling and floor of wood.

Work space optimization and employee well-being were the order of the day at Selex ES’s architecture and interior design office, such as Sketch Studios, known for providing modern solutions using modern office furniture and quality materials. They carried out a reform of an office in Southampton highlighting the industrial style of the area with touches of futurists. A range of grays and reds well combined!

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