How Does Sand Scratch Mid Century Modern Furniture

Modern Mid Century Modern Furniture

Mid century modern furniture has some of the most iconic pieces in all industrial designs. Immediate recognizable pieces such as Eames armchair have aesthetic and monetary value. In accordance with that period, most mid-century modern furniture has wooden veneer. In order to keep these pieces in their original condition, you must take care of them and correct any surface damage as soon as possible.


Apply a moderate layer of wax to steel wool by rubbing hard paste wax with steel wool. For deep scratches, use 360 ​​grit sandpaper instead of steel wool. Rub steel wool over scratches in wooden veneer in the direction of the grain. Rub easy and just enough to work the pasta wax in and minimize scratches in mid century modern furniture. Not sand through wood veneer stored. Buff paste the wax with a cloth until scratches and paste wax disappear and a shiny gloss remains.

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Tips and warnings

If you’re mid century modern furniture play suffers deep dumps or scratches, take it to a professional to be repaired. The work will need to be painted. Wooden veneer is very thin and easy to grind and ruin. A mistake of this caliber will destroy and seriously devalue the play.

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