Hanging Porch Light Fixtures


Hanging porch light fixtures are a fun way to put instant romance into a setting. Your luminaire base can be as simple as a part of driftwood. This type of luminaire is more about the simplicity of the lights and the use of an arrangement that can be reused as often as you like. The bigger the base, the more styles of light you can fit the base, the lighter your light will be. Letting the steering build up over time will add to the atmosphere.

Place wide driftwood or aged ladder plank on a work table. Brush the plank to remove dirt and insects. Some pieces can be boiled or dipped to make sure any insects in the wood are gone. And then drill two holes 3 to 4 inches apart 2 inches from each end of the board. Slide a tray on an eye bolt. Push the bolt through a hole in the board. And then put a tray and a nut. Tighten the nut with a wrench. Then cut four light chain 12 inches long. Connect one end of a chain to the eye bolt with an S hook. Then measure the length of the board between the eyebrow ends. Also screw two large screw eyes into the ceiling here spaced apart. If you do not screw the studs, use wall anchors to help support the porch light fixtures.

Cut two pieces of the chain to the length you want. Attach one end of the chain to the S hook that holds the two chains. And then attach the other end to the ceiling screw the eye with another S hook. Nail end nails through the bottom of the wooden plank so that 1-inch of the nails upward through the top of the plank at each position where you want to install a porch light fixtures.

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