Decorate Formal Living Room Furniture

Leather Formal Living Room Furniture

Formal living room furniture can seem like a difficult task as they are usually the first two rooms a guest sees when entering your home. If you are planning the decor in small steps, there is not much to it. Think about how to use the rooms, your embellishment style and preferences. Your whole house should reflect you and your family, your personalities and your lives — not what a newspaper or someone else says it should look like.


Choose a color scheme for formal living room furniture and ornamental style to use in the two rooms. Each room should have something distinct to identify the activities that take place, but they should also flow harmoniously into their interior. That’s where color and style come in. For example, a modern white, dark brown and lime color scheme can work in both rooms, but the actual furniture and accessories would be different in each room.

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Paint the walls in lighter or neutral color in your color scheme. The color should flow through both rooms and not affect the color of the rest of the house. If the whole house is painted in the same neutral color, consider painting a wall in the living room a different color as an accent wall. Place furniture in each room for optimum use and entertaining. For example, if your formal living room furniture is a place for adults to gather and talk, arrange couches and chairs in groups that allow easy conversation. The furniture should also be placed in a way that makes it easy and natural flow of traffic. Common formal living room furniture includes seating, table and sometimes bookshelves.

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