Complete Your Modern Rustic Furniture

Picnic Table Modern Rustic Furniture

You are looking for ideal type decor ideas for an original cottage or for an alternative country house? The modern rustic furniture is the right option. This furniture mix of design and tradition, of natural materials. Such as stone and wood, with modern products, plastics. The first element to be taken into consideration to create the right warm rural atmosphere is the choice of materials and colors.

The modern rustic furniture style is synonymous with raw, unfinished and therefore the materials par excellence are wood, stone, iron. For the floors, wood is usually chosen. But alternatively also terracotta is perfect for this style. It is also very resistant, also ideal for outdoor floors. As for the walls where possible it is better to leave them exposed, they will give further veracity to the style.

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Carpets, curtains, cushions and blankets embroidered or worked fabrics cannot miss to complete this modern rustic furniture. But not only candles, vases, paintings and the inevitable elements that recall the nature from the wicker basket to be used as a fruit bowl or newspaper holder for plants. Both indoor what a cut flowers. After perfecting this last element we just have to take refuge in our rustic corner to enjoy the warmth and tranquility that this modern rustic furniture style gives us.

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