Be Creative And Improve Your Front Porch Handrails

Front Porch Handrails Color

Many people consign their front porch handrails to the most utilitarian of use, swimming equipment after entering the lake of drought. Instead of using the porch as a clothesline, be creative and improve the appearance of your home. With a small innovation, the porch railing can become a nice part of your home front. Plant three seeds of morning glory around each stake. The summer heat weather arrives you have a cool green wall projecting from your portico, adorned with dozens of colorful flowers.

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If you tend to enjoy your home porch more at night, adorn your front porch handrails to accentuate this. Use a poster to turn medium to paste a series of clear votive glasses on the railing around your porch. Place a votive candle or piece of short candle in each glass. Candlelight at night when you are entertained or enjoying the cool night air.

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If mosquitoes are a problem in the area, buy citronella candles for some of the glasses. Place rectangular pots on top of the front porch handrails. Fill the planters with potting soil and also seeds with a variety of lettuce, radishes and carrots. Keep your salad garden well watered, and then, you can enjoy fresh green salads from your porch garden throughout the summer.