Photos, Page Seven

Lake side of "Restored" Inn and New Market.

1. Enormous blank rear wall of new Monster Market, which has an apporimately 25% larger footprint and two more stories (third floor and exposed basement level) than original Vanderipe Building. )

On the Aurora Inn, the framing for a new first-floor glassed-in garden porch and the lower level protrusion of the large, very contemporary curved banquet room.) According to press releases from the Aurora Foundation, LLC, this constitues a restoration of the inn's original appearance in 1833.

2. Several mature cedar trees are moved to shield the unsightly market wall from view. Of course, there were some lovely large pines there in the first place, which the contractor destroyed. And naturally the transplanted trees died.

3. Another view of the patio, dormer, banquet room, and glassed-in garden porch, all hailed by the LLC as "authentic" federal-period features.

Page 1: the Aurora Inn in the fall of 2001, and its defacement January 2002.

Page 2: the demolition of the Inn additions, January 2002

Page 3: the destruction of the Vanderipe Market Building, January 2002

Page 4: ongoing devastation of the heart of the village, spring 2002

Page 5: the original Vanderipe, and the brand new "Monster Market." November-December 2002.

Page 6: the Inn's doors and side-lights destroyed... and what about the Fargo? December 2002.

Page 7: the amazing moving trees and "Rowland's Ramada," December 2002

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