Photos, Page Six

Inn and Fargo, December 2002

1. Contrary to public promises made by the Auropra Foundation, LLC, the historic Inn's original doors and distinctive sidelight windows are destroyed. We're told that they willbe "replicated." One wonders if the foundation's notion of replication is like it's idea of "restoration." (See the next page, with photos of the inn's amazing new features.)

2. The Fargo remains open for busines, with a truck from a hazardous waste clean-up company parked in front.

Page 1: the Aurora Inn in the fall of 2001, and its defacement January 2002.

Page 2: the demolition of the Inn additions, January 2002

Page 3: the destruction of the Vanderipe Market Building, January 2002

Page 4: ongoing devastation of the heart of the village, spring 2002

Page 5: the original Vanderipe, and the brand new "Monster Market." November-December 2002.

Page 6: the Inn's doors and side-lights destroyed... and what about the Fargo? December 2002.

Page 7: the amazing moving trees and "Rowland's Ramada," December 2002

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