Photos, Page Five

The market that devoured Main Street

1. The 1926 Vanderipe Market Building in 2001; it kept the same size and shape as the historic 1829 Morgan Store.

2. The new monster market rises in it's place.

3. View from the southwest.

4. Street view.

Page 1: the Aurora Inn in the fall of 2001, and its defacement January 2002.

Page 2: the demolition of the Inn additions, January 2002

Page 3: the destruction of the Vanderipe Market Building, January 2002

Page 4: ongoing devastation of the heart of the village, spring 2002

Page 5: the original Vanderipe, and the brand new "Monster Market." November-December 2002.

Page 6: the Inn's doors and side-lights destroyed... and what about the Fargo? December 2002.

Page 7: the amazing moving trees and "Rowland's Ramada," December 2002

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