Summer 2007

The Village's Attorney did not remember this addition on the north side of Webb House having been approved by the Planning Board or Community Preservation Panel. Lawyer Andy Fusco advised the Village on July 3, 2007 that the work be stopped and the addition not allowed to stand if it has not been approved. Nevertheless, construction continued for more than three weeks.

Compare the photos of Webb House from November 2006 (#1), and Spring 2007 (#2), with new photos from July 2007 (#4 - #6).

What had been just a sheltered entry into the main house seems to have grown into an addition that expands the building's footprint and significantly alters it's exterior. The new, enclosed area includes two new windows, two new exterior doors, and a new roof that extends along the entire north side of the building -- and then some.

Such expansions and alterations, made without PB and CPP approvals, would violate our Village Zoning Law.

Outline ongoing developments here.

Excerpts from July 3, 2007 letter of Village Attorney Andy Fusco.


A stop work order was issued -- finally -- on July 26. Note the red sign on the new addition's door.

However... at its August 2007 meeting, the Community Preservation Panel -- an appointed board of our Village Government charged with requiring a certificate of appropriateness for any significant change to an exterior architectural feature in the Village -- retroactively approved the admittedly illegal work at Webb House.

A first-hand detailed account of this bizarre meeting is available.

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