Mayor Gunderson reported that the Board would need to enter into an Executive Session to discuss a personnel issue; Under Old Business Add:1) Update on Old Post Office Building, and 2) Revisit the One Way Street Issue. Mayor Gunderson noted that the Board would not be voting on the Zoning Law Amendments this month...

Mayor Gunderson read a letter from Grace Bates resigning from the Planning Board...
VISITOR RECOGNITION:Mayor Gunderson welcomed Laura Holland.
Ms. Holland reminded Mayor Gunderson that he had promised to get back to her regarding her request of last month pertaining to the property dispute between her family and Ms. Koepp and Mr. Place. Mayor Gunderson replied that he had received a copy of a letter from the Village Attorney to the Attorney Scott Chatfield for Ms. Koepp and Mr. Place. Ms. Holland had no knowledge of this letter. Mayor Gunderson gave her his copy and asked if this helped.

Ms. Holland informed the Board that she has heard nothing from the Village Attorney (Mr. Fusco), Mayor Gunderson, or Mr. Chatfield regarding the “height variance”, “driveway” and other issues raised. Has this even been discussed?

Mayor Gunderson reminded Ms. Holland that she had met with the Village Attorney to discuss her issues. Ms. Holland commented that Mr. Fusco completely misunderstood.

Mayor Gunderson told Ms. Holland that at this point; she should get her Attorney involved. Mayor Gunderson again reminded Ms. Holland that her Attorney should contact the Village Attorney.

Ms. Holland directed her comments at the Mayor and stated that “laws are being broken, and the Village is allowing it to happen”. Ms. Holland pointed to the Mayor and stated that he needed to enforce the Zoning Law and that the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) answered to the Village Board.

Ms. Holland informed the Mayor that she “would not get an attorney involved;. Mayor Gunderson told Ms. Holland that the Village Board hires an Attorney to interpret the law. Ms. Holland asked if she could have the Mayor arrested for not following the Village Zoning Law.

Trustee Murphy stated that she would like to see some resolution to this issue. Ms. Holland informed the Board that she would be back next month and went on to say that she was disgusted and disappointed.

Ms. Holland and Mr. O'Hearn left the meeting at 8:03 PM. Trustee Murphy asked if the Village Attorney knew all the facts, she feels that there have been too many misunderstandings. Trustee Farenthold commented that he understood the Mr. Fusco had responded to the Height Variance issue as being okay, but the north porch issue had been stopped. Trustee Farenthold recommended that all parties go to an Arbitrator. Mayor Gunderson stated that he did not feel that this was the responsibility of the Village Board to make this kind of determination.

Trustee Murphy asked Mayor Gunderson to ask the Village Attorney to readdress Ms. Holland’s questions. Mayor Gunderson will consider this....

Building and Grounds:
Trustee Farenthold reported that he wanted to go on record the he is still not in favor of replacing the roof on the Post Office. He is still opposed to this proposal...

Trustee Farenthold reported that he had received a long list of repairs that need to be done. Those of necessity are, in no particular order: the doors at the Firehouse, the sidewalk in front of the Taylor’s house, and if the Village has any extra money, the sidewalks in front of the Leffingwell house and Bill Maloney’s house. Parking still remains an issue, especially in front of the Zimdahl’s where wheels are over the line. Curbs need to be fixed and sidewalks on both sides of the road would be a good idea....
Water and Sewer:
Trustee Zabriskie reported that there had been a water main break in front of Wells College at the Guest House....
Mayor Gunderson asked to readdress the issue of implementing one-way traffic on Cherry Avenue. ...

Trustee Farenthold moved to implement a one-year trial period commencing November 1, 2007 through October 31, 2008. Seconded by Trustee Murphy, motion carried 5:0.Trustee Chase asked for a discussion on cars parking on Main Street in the business district. Trustee Chase has talked with the Sheriff’s Office, the New York State Police and will check with the New York State Department of Transportation and Village Attorney to get their perspectives regarding this issue.
Mayor Gunderson reported that the Village had received the Report from MRB Group regarding The Building Evaluation for the Aurora Post Office dated September 2007, MRB Group Project No. 0010703.

Cost included are:

1) Section A: Required Items for Code Compliance at a total cost of $29,900.00,

2) Section B: Repairs/Improvements at a total cost of $69,200.00,

3) Section C: Building Change of Use at a total cost of $54,500.00, and

4) Section D: Optional Improvements (Aesthetics) at a total cost of $75,000.00.

The above items are estimated costs, which do not include engineering, legal, and administrative fees; asbestos or lead paint abatement.

Trustee Farenthold believes the Village can do better.

Mayor Gunderson stated that the Village has no choice. The Postal Service has a contract with the Village until March of 2009.
Trustee Zabriskie moved to enter into Executive Session at 9:43 PM....

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