by adjacent private property owners

Retaining wall demolished, plantings and shrubs ruined, trash and rocks strewn about, wires and heating coils left exposed by the Zwigard geothermal project that was supposed to have been completed in one day!

Want to take a kayak or canoe into the lake?  Try doing it through that mess!  Want to sit a while an enjoy the view?  Too bad, it's gone!

But the easement granted the Zwigards for this work states that they agree to "restore the property to its condition prior to any disturbance from construction,  operation, maintenance, repair of replacement of the installed piping and lines."

The application the Zwigards made to the village government for permission to do this work said the disturbance of village property would be completed in one day.  That was more than 5 months ago!

Why have they been allowed to leave this mess behind?  When will the Planning Board, Zoning Board, and Village Board hold these scofflaws to account?

And now "someone" is using our park for illegal dumping of construction materials

Piles of concrete have been added to the rock strewn mess of our public lake-access; compare the March photos above with the May photos below.

And take a good close look at the folks caught on film unloading debris into our park at dusk on the evening of Sunday, May 18.

Another update - the Army Corps calls the Zwigards!

March Photos

May Photos

Recognize Anyone?

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