Aurora Coalition

In memoriam Nancy Mapstone Yann

I knew Nancy for a long time, the kind of long time that spans changes in people’s lives. And our first encounters were the friendly hellos that characterized Aurora’s sidewalks 35 years ago. Living next to the post office, I remember Nancy and George courting, sitting on the loading dock in our driveway, or Nancy hanging out on the front steps waiting for George to get off work at the post office. She talked to all the kids, she knew all the news.

Years later, when she became Village Clerk, Nancy was that same engaged presence, embodying all that’s good about living in a small town. She was passionate about Aurora as an idea, and about Aurora as a collection of individuals with individual ideas. These were often conflicting concepts, especially for someone in a position that is at the political hub of a small community. Yet Nancy handled her job with tact and grace. I will remember her for her passion, both pro and con, for her compassion, for her wonderful stories, and her love of talking things through. She was always ready to help, and certainly made our work on the Zoning Board of Appeals much easier.

I have to admit that when the phone rang, and I heard ”Hi Bonnie. it’s Nancy” my heart often sank, thinking about what problem she was going to dump in my lap, but now, sitting in Rome, so far away, I’m having trouble imagining what it will be like to not have her there to help us. The Village of Aurora is much diminished by her leaving.

~ Bonnie Apgar Bennett