Letter sent to hundreds of Wells alumnae.

May 2010

Dear Alumnae Sisters,

Wells College is facing a financial and leadership crisis.

The move to co-education did not solve the school's budget problems, as promised; it made them worse.

Links here (http://www.aurorany.org/news) will take you to documents that can help you to evaluate the situation and take action.

Please look at the faculty resolution presented to the Board of Trustees, an article in a national journal about the serious governance and fiscal problems at Wells, an alum's analysis of serious miscalculations in the strategic plan, and a copy of the entire strategic plan (which, among other bizarre proposals, cuts B.A. liberal arts funding and supports creation of a culinary certificate program designed purely to bring business to the failing Aurora Inn).

It's reported that the Board approved the administration's flawed last-ditch plan (upon which the Faculty had 24 hours to comment before it was presented to the Board) rather than go to the trouble of finding a new President.

A lot of alums will say, "Who cares? We have already lost our alma mater."

Please consider caring enough for the sake of the community that serves this institution and the still meaningful presence of higher education here -- the students and faculty engaged in lifelong learning, the libraries, the (brand new) labs, the art works, the architecture, the history, and the devoted employees.

Time is of the essence. The Strategic Plan will be implemented July1st, and its unwelcome changes may seal the college's fate forever.

An organized demonstration of alumnae concern for the liberal arts at Wells and support for the faculty's effort to preserve the institution's educational integrity could be a very important step towards bringing the entire community into open, shared problem solving. I ask you to consider signing the recently posted petition at www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-wells-college.

Please enter your class year when you sign, and kindly forward this information to other alumnae.


Helen Fairchild

PS- new information is posted and discussed on the FaceBook page "Concerned Wells Alumnae."