A Pleasant Little Bed and Breakfast?

Abbott House -- a 30-room lakeside mansion said to include both a ball room and a bomb shelter -- once served as the home of Wells College President Kerr Duncan Macmillan. It was built in 1902 by Alonzo Zabriskie, a grandson of Congressman E.B. Morgan, and is part of Anrura's National register Historic District.

Pleasant Rowland personally purchased it for $1.1 million back in 2001, when it was assessed at $291,600. In the fall of 2003 she applied to turn it into a B&B and received preliminary approval from the Village Planning Board. But Rowland did not act on the permit, and it expired.

Subsequently, she turned French House -- just one door away -- into "E.B. Morgan House," a commercial annex to the Aurora Inn, see below.

Then on June 1, 2006, the very day she was supposed to turn over all of her business interests in Aurora to Wells College, the Syracuse newspaper announced that Rowland resubmitted her application to establish another business enterprise in a residential area -- the Abbot House B&B.

A Public Hearing for this application was held on June 14. 2006. Aurora's Planning Board then approved an application for a B&B to be run as a "residential home occupation" by the Pleasant T. Rowland LLC, apparently forgetting that a corporation is not the same thing as individual resident proprieter.

See press coverage and more background below photo.

Aurora to get new bed and breakfast
The Citizen, June 15, 2006
By Angela Kershner / Staff Writer

Rowland revisits B&B plan for Aurora
The Syracuse Post-Standard, June 10, 2006
By Dave Tobin / Staff Writer

Aurora Planners Give B&B Preliminary OK
The Citizen, September 11, 2003
By Craig Fox / Staff Writer

New B&B Possible in Aurora
The Citizen, September 9, 2003
By Craig Fox / Staff Writer

(Another historic lakeside mansion just one door away, built in 1858 by US Congressman E. B. Morgan, is owned by Wells College and controlled by Pleasant's Aurora Foundation LLC. It suffered one of her historically devastating gut-rehab make-overs back in 2004-05, was opened last summer as an annex to the Aurora Inn, even though it seems that the property is not zoned or taxed for such use. How much accommodation does this village need -- and, why?)

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