Fantasy World WHAT NEXT? -- 4/14/07 Update Below!

[[From a local reader]]

"Busyboy George Farenthold seems to have ensnared a U.S. congressman in an alternate reality. Georgie went out all by himself, without the knowledge or approval of the Village Board, and spun a fantasy world for our newly elected -- and very gullible? -- Representative Michael Arcuri.

According to this March 16 letter from Arcuri, based on information brought to him by Farenthold, Pleasant Rowland plans to give a $1,000,000 "grant" to our Village Government. Wow! Who knew? [[Ahem. That $1 million is money Rowland is obligated to spend on her parking lot serving her businesses in exchange for destroying our post office; see notes on the agreement here.]]

And it gets better: part of that grant is earmarked for the upkeep of parkland Wells College will give the Village. How generous! We don't have to give them our village-center real estate in exchange after all? Plus, Rowland pays for claning up that goose-crappy land? Hey, what a deal. [[NOT!]]

But, there's a catch. This fantasy will evaporate if not approved by June 1st, so the USPS better push through all those approvals right now -- to hell with reviews for handicapped access, historic preservation, or a safe exit from the parking lot. Whatever Pleasant wants, do it right now. Or else!

By the way, there is no June 1, 2007 deadline in the "M.O.U.," the document detailing the reality of this disagreeable bribe / bargain. The deadline set in the M.O.U. (which George wasn't even allowed to vote on because of his blatant conflict of interest) expired back on March 31, 2006! As of March 29, 2007, our Village Board has not consented to any new deadline. At least not in public, where all government business is supposed to be transacted. But who knows what Georgie can get up to in private?

And, of course, as we all know... there is no municipal grant, no "free" gift of property, and no real philanthropy: just abuse and exploitation."

Well, it appears that a few weeks later Congressman Arcuri obtained additional information and reconsidered his position.

One constituent spelled it out for him:
"As you know, Aurora Trustee Farenthold is married to the president of Wells College, and the college is a partner in the Aurora Foundation LLC. Therefore, Mr. Farenthold has been prohibited from voting on proposals brought before our Village Board of Trustees by this development corporation because of his obvious potential for conflict of interest. I think it will puzzle and disturb many of your Aurora constituents to find that you failed to recognize his conflict of interest in this matter."
So, as Arcuri "now understands it," maybe the mandated review processes should not be side-stepped after all.

See his April 5 response to an Aurora constituent (and below that see one of the letters written to him):

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